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Rock On 2 – Movie & Review

Rock On 2 (Nov 11, 2016):
This muscial and drama movie is produced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani under the direction of Shujaat Saudagar. Eros International is the distributor of upcoming movie. Arjun Rampal, Shashak Arora, Farhan Akhtar, Prachi Desai, Purab Kohli and Shraddha Kapoor are the cast members of this film. Abhishek Kapoor and Pubali Chaudhuri give the story of this muscial picture. The music of this marvellous movie is given by Shankar Ehsaan Loy the suprb Trio of muscial industry. Everyone can enjoy this film on big cinema only at 11 November 2016 this year.

Story Information Of Rock On 2:
This bollywood movie is the sequel of Rock On movie which was released in 2008. After the great success of first part we have second part after the almost 8 years. We don’t have exact story information about this film but according to our collective data, Shraddha Kapoor is the new addition to this series who has joined the previous star casts, we can see her as the lead against the Farhan. Its not all about the love story, as the new member is sings with Farhan. Movie is all about the rocking band.

Cast And Their Roles:
Farhan Akhtar: Aditya Shroff
Shashank Arora: Uday
Shraddha Kapoor: Jiah Sharma
Purab Kohil: Kedar Zaveri
Arjun Rampal: Joe
Shahana Goswami: Debbie Mascarenhas
Prachai Desai: Sakshi Shroff

Trailer Review:

The official trailer of the movie is released on 5th sept 2016 which take us to the musical journey. It is already hit the high notes these days. Its 1 min 28 sec. length long trailer. The trailer is chaotic according to the viewers but stll we can experience the more music too. Teaser begin with Farhan Akhta who addressing the audience about his band named Maglik. Aditya can be seen to tell Shradha to create amazing music, avi mobile movies  and sing as no one can sing like that. We can also see the Shraddha singing enormous songs in her earthy and real voice. This movie is the combo of love, friendship, betrayal as well as hoard of other emotions too. Thus we are expecting it is a big muscial treat for muscial lovers.

First look And Poster:

The rocking poster of Rock on 2 has released featuring band member in rocking style. The poster also entitled with release date on it with title of movie.

Music And Soundtracks:
All the tracks of this movie is composed by Trio of muscial industry Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. The famous actor Shraddha Kapoor has sung three songs in this movie. She is trained by Priyanka Chopra’s trainer Samantha Edwards. The rocking song Jaago is released now.

Jaago (Farhan And Siddharth):
It vibrant music is given in this soundtrack. We can easily feel the adrenaline flowing through the screen. Farhan and Siddharth Mahadevan give their brilliant voice in this song and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy composed it. This ipagal give us the message of women empowerment and their rights. The lyrics are penned by the great writter Javed Akhtar. This track inspired the women of today. This song is performed at the Gateway Of India in Mumbai.

Five Things We love About Rock On 2:

1) The familiar tune:
As we all know that Rock On has became a crowd anthem that it remained so for years. That was back in 2008. Now the makers have come up with a sequel of this, the title song remains the same. The new rock version give us a new voice addition to it that is of Shraddha Kapoor. In the teaser, the moment Shraddha Kapoor goes with Hai yeh waqt ka ishaara, I am floored. The song is still fresh in our minds.

2) Shraddha Kapoor:
Although Farhan is brilliant in the teaser but Shraddha hit the bull’s eye with Rock On 2. Certainly she has become the perfect choice for the film. We can’t say it just because of her voice but her looks that do the talking. From the vulnerable, docile and lost girl to the rising star, Shraddha is like a true stunner throughout the entire promo.

3) Farhan Akhtar:

There’s nothing we need to say about this man. Infact there’s nothing this man can’t do in his life. He is multi talented personality who is good actor as well as singer and director, but there’s a certain novel factor about Farhan. His eyes can even do most of the talking and being a famous filmmaker himself he also knows the audience pulse very well as a professional.

4) The entire setting:

The best thing about this movie is that its entire shooting is done in the North-East area. Bringing about an untold tale and capturing the virgin locations of less familiar region in front of the nationwide audiences is a winning idea of this picture. The cinematography is really appreciable in Rock On 2!.

5) The perfect mix of human emotions:

We look at the teaser than we can judge that this isn’t a love story not a comedy or not an action saga either. But we can see that it has all the essential elements from each genre equally. The emotions are concocted very well and that comes across from the mesmeric promo that the team has to cut. It is a fresh story of human friendship, their love, success and failure, seperation and reunion as well as deceit and withdrawal so we can find all the human emmotions in this djkang movie.